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  • Britain Anti-Trump Protests Get ‘Out Of This World’ With Message So Big He Can’t Ignore It

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    Trump is currently in London after completing a NATO visit with our allies in Brussels. He has been met with protest at almost every stop.

    An English marketing agency has created a crop circle with a message for Trump to see as he passed by in his helicopter. The crop circle features the Russian translation of “FUCK,” followed by the president’s name, “Trump.” The message is a knock on Trump’s close relationship with Vladimir Putin, as well as the probe into possible collusion between the Trump administration and Russia, a claim that has many moving parts.

    The owner of the Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville informed reporters that the marketing agency initially approached him about utilizing his farm for the message. The farm sits right in the path of Trump’s helicopter route and was prime real estate for the anti-Trump message.

    The farmer told Bucks Herald, the local newspaper, that they were “specifically looking for one in the flight path that Donald Trump will take when he comes to the UK this week.”

    Who’s The Mastermind Behind This?

    Marketing agency “The Tenth Man” is the reported mastermind behind this crop circle. A spokesperson told Bucks Herald that the crop circle was almost as big as “Donald Trump’s ego so we’re pretty confident he’ll see it.”

    The farmer wasn’t motivated by political reasons when he allowed the marketing agency to create the crop circle. He kept insisting that he was neutral when it came to Trump. The farmer was compensated for the lost crops, which won’t be salvageable.

    There are going to be about 90,000 people in the UK who are planning to protest Trump’s visit to see Prime Minister Theresa May. Trump is doing his best to keep a low profile, avoiding cities; instead, he’s visiting rural areas in the countryside.

    Featured image via screen capture