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  • BREAKING: Paul Manafort’s Mugshot Released And It’s A Must See

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    On Thursday, Donald Trump‘s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort had his mugshot released by the Department of Justice as he was being moved from his cushy “VIP” jail cell to a prison formerly used to house terrorists.

    The mug shot is a far cry from this guy, who just over a year ago was laughing it up with Fox News’ Sean Hannity over Trump’s victory.

    Manafort was indicted this year for various tax, financial, and bank fraud crimes. He allegedly laundered over $30 million with the help of his business associated Rick Gates who recently pled guilty to his charges and is expected to fully-cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

    Trump’s former campaign chairman was relocated from his previous cell after Mueller introduced documents to the court revealing how cozy the defendant was living while in jail.

    “Far from being restrictive,” Reuters reported, “prosecutors said Manafort had been given a personal telephone in his cell, which he used for more than 300 calls with attorneys and others over the past three weeks, and found a workaround to the jail’s ban on email.”

    “Prosecutors also cited taped phone calls from prison in which Manafort remarked that he was being treated like a ‘VIP’ and had access to ‘all my files like I would at home,’” the report continued.

    It looks like Manafort’s vacation has been cut short, and he’s going to get a little taste of the hard time he’ll be serving unless he decides to flip on Trump. It’s going to be interesting to see if Trump ultimately winds up pardoning Manafort as well as other Trump campaign officials should they be convicted of crimes that could link back to him.

    The pardon scenario also stresses the importance of the midterm elections as it would be political suicide for Trump to even consider pardons should the Democrats take over the house and Senate.

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