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  • Papa John’s CEO Takes A Page Out Of Trump’s Handbook, Uses Racial Slur During Meeting With Executives

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    As if you needed some further reason to hate “Papa” John Schnatter — the founder of the eponymous pizza chain — beyond his car elevator, his public threat to raise the price of his pizzas if he was forced to give his employees health insurance, and his ringing endorsements from actual neo-Nazi groups after he criticized black football players for protesting the murder of unarmed black people by the police, the former face of the brand is back in the news with something just as bad as you may think.

    Now, you might expect a man who’s detached enough from reality that he has a mansion with an elevator for his cars to whine about things that you or I might deal with every day. I’m sure if he even does his own shopping, he’s asked to speak to the manager over incorrect change. But with the super-rich, that extends into when people criticize them for things they are oblivious to the wrongness of — like his tone-deaf remarks on the NFL, when he had a cushy deal as the official pizza of the NFL.

    Typical of an idiot like that comes a report in Forbes on Wednesday detailing a conference call held in May between Schnatter and his board of directors, in which Papa had to literally be asked how he planned to distance himself from the racist groups online who had claimed the brand as their own after his remarks, which were welcome and familiar to the white supremacists who suddenly were ordering their pizza twice a day (apparently).

    That’s where PJ went off the rails one more time, possibly in the most spectacular way yet.

    During the call, Schnatter was apparently incensed at being asked what he was going to do about the Nazis he’s now associated with and how he was going to handle the PR nightmare of being thought of as a racist. So he doubled down:

    “Colonel Sanders called blacks n*ggers.”

    Schnatter quickly added that Harlan Sanders, the fried chicken icon of KFC fame, never got the kind of backlash that he’s gotten over his racism, apparently not even considering for a moment just not using that word.

    As of the time of this article, Papa John’s stock has taken a nosedive.

    Featured image via Blue Mau Mau/Flickr