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  • John Kelly’s Face Is Priceless As He Watches Trump Destroy The NATO Summit

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    Whenever Donald Trump goes on an international summit, it never takes long for him to prove to the world that he doesn’t deserve to be President of the United States.

    The NATO summit in Brussels began earlier today, and Trump is already on his way to blowing the entire thing up and leaving America stranded by its allies, who have been trying to be patient with the unhinged POTUS. Trump began ruining the summit as soon as it started, kicking things off by calling our allies “delinquent,” complaining about how they aren’t paying enough, and stating that Germany is being “totally controlled by Russia.”

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already shot back at Trump to dispute his disgusting, disrespectful statement about Germany, but perhaps the true insult comes from Trump’s own Chief of Staff, John Kelly. Kelly had the unfortunate fate of being seated just one seat away from Trump as he made these comments, and his reactions were caught on camera for all to see.

    As Trump utters his nonsense about Germany being controlled by Russia, Kelly’s facial expressions began to break down into utter disbelief, panic, and shame. His eyes dropped to the table and at one point, he actually turns his face and body away from Trump and the cameras, looking as if he’s going to make a run for it! You can watch Kelly’s reaction below:

    Not that we can blame Kelly at all — this entire thing is a horror show, and it must be difficult to watch as your idiot boss burns the country to the ground. Kelly wasn’t the only one unable to hide their shock, either. Sitting right next to Trump was NATO ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison, who looked completely “stricken.”

    We feel their pain.

    Featured image via screen capture

    Patti Colli

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