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  • Michael Cohen Thinks He Can Bring Trump Down, POTUS Freaking Out Like Never Before (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump’s former longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, is done cleaning up the ungrateful president’s messes and is now looking to create a major one of his own.

    As if trying to get some form of payback for all the abuse that Trump put him through when the once-loyal lawyer sacrificed everything he could to save and defend his client, Cohen is now doing a 180 and appears more likely to flip with every passing day. Over the last few days, Cohen has been giving interviews that would greatly disturb Trump, as the attorney is clearly stating that he values “patriotism” over his loyalty to Trump and is no longer willing to throw himself under the bus for the president. But what Cohen did today sends the most terrifying signal to Trump yet.

    CNN has just reported that Cohen is now likening himself to John Dean, the attorney who gave the testimony that brought down Richard Nixon. This report comes thanks to a source that had relayed information about Cohen wanting to do “the right thing.” When the CNN host asked, “Is Michael Cohen John Dean 2.0?” CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin said:

    “He could be, if he has incriminating information about Donald Trump and if it can be corroborated and proved—because that’s what happened with John Dean.”

    You can watch the report below, which is sure to have Trump melting down on Air Force One as he heads off on his foreign trip ahead of the NATO summit.

    Based on the incredible lack of competence (or loyalty) that seems to follow Trump, I always felt that it would be the president’s own team that would bring him down. It looks like this now has a high possibility of becoming a reality. Cohen’s only concern is of saving himself now, and Trump is screwed beyond belief.

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    Patti Colli

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