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  • Trump Adviser Finally Snaps After Being Publicly Humiliated By The Resistance

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    So far, America has been treated to a phenomenal sideshow of what happens to assholes in public when they just won’t stop abusing their authority, lying to the nation, and being, well… assholes. In addition to the cadre of racists you see on viral videos losing their jobs left and right, or participants from last year’s Nazi rally in Charlottesville being exposed, there are also a seemingly endless supply of Trump insiders who are being shamed as they attempt to go about their daily lives as though they’re not literally ruining the world.

    We’ve seen the most corrupt EPA Director in history resign over “constant attacks” from the left, we’ve all but shut down Richard Spencer’s alt-Right movement after one hero punched him in the face for being a Nazi scumbag, we’ve put Sarah Sanders on notice by remorselessly booting her from a restaurant with a “no-constant-liars allowed” policy, and the list goes on.

    Kirstjen Nielsen, Pam Bondi, Mitch McConnell — all have been filmed now running away from the angry crowds of patriotic Americans who are sick and tired of their white supremacist, anti-poor, un-American bullshit. Even ex-members of the administration are being publicly shamed, as we just saw with Steve Bannon in a Virginia bookstore.

    But maybe the best story to come out of all of these is that of Stephen Miller, a notoriously racist “incel” (involuntarily celibate) type who has had the President’s ear since the very beginning. It was Miller who penned the infamous “American Carnage” inaugural speech that Trump gave to kick off what would be the most overtly white supremacist administration since Andrew Jackson’s, and it has been Miller who has pushed for every action by the administration that looks like Joe Arpaio on a bender, from their child-snatching immigration policy to their refusals to condemn white nationalist violence.

    So when a bartender at a restaurant near Miller’s high-end condo in downtown Washington, D.C. followed him out the door and got his attention by shouting his name, as the Washington Post reported today, then flipped him off with both hands and cursed him out, Miller finally snapped. He’d had enough, he would later tell his “friends” (in quotation marks for obvious reasons). Miller decided to show that bartender who was boss by… angrily throwing away the nearly $100 worth of sushi he had just ordered from the place.

    That’s what we’ve reduced these pathetic lifeforms to, you guys. “Owning the libs” by throwing out their food in disgust.

    There’s a lot of talk about being civil and not stooping to their level, but I have to say — good job, people.

    Featured image via screen capture