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  • Unhinged Trump Ditches His Administration, Making Secret Phone Calls To World Leaders Without Aides

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    The way Donald Trump communicates is extremely concerning, and has been ever since he stepped foot into the White House. Trump is an absolute child while communicating on social media, but his ways of speaking to others offline are even more concerning.

    The ways Trump uses his phone have long been a national security concern, as the president refuses to comply with protocol previously used to secure critical communications, like the frequent switching out of phones. Trump felt that it was too “inconvenient” to secure his phone properly, so the president continues to do whatever the hell he wants without anyone in his administration putting their foot down. But they’re going to regret not keeping Trump in check, because it just seriously backfired.

    Apparently, Trump has been allowed to fly on his own for so long that he doesn’t even keep his White House aides updated on his calls. The POTUS has actually given the number to his personal cell phone to foreign leaders (and probably many other unknown people) and is having conversations that no one in the Trump administration is aware of. This came to light after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officials released documents about a secret conversation Trump had with him in April 2017, which Trump’s administration members were clueless about. A panicking senior White House official said:

    “We had no idea what happened.”

    According to the public statement, “it was a very amicable call” about “the dairy trade” and “lumber,” however no one can really be sure what Trump was doing or saying. When White House officials asked Trump about what had happened during the call, they were forced to rely on his highly faulty “memory.”

    Trump’s memory and his reluctance to follow standard security procedures is becoming more and more dangerous to the country. Just recently, Trump got a prank call from comedian John Melendez while the president was on Air Force One, sending the administration into a panic over how to limit access to the president. If the White House can’t get the president under control, we will all be forced to live with the dire consequences.

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    Patti Colli

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