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  • Trump’s Former Lawyer Made Major Legal Move Against Him

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    Michael Cohen, the former attorney for Donald Trump who spent decades of his life doing everything to defend the ungrateful moron in the White House, has just made a surprising legal move to screw over his former boss.

    Cohen probably knows better than anyone just how much Trump hates his 2016 Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. So it should send a very strong message to Trump when the president finds out that Cohen has just hired Lanny Davis, a lawyer who previously advised then-POTUS Bill Clinton in the late 1990s.

    Davis confirmed yesterday that he would be working for Cohen in his federal investigation, and this is just one in many recent developments that signal Cohen is getting ready to flip and take Trump down. Davis was somewhat surprised at Cohen’s choice, considering the attorney’s history of defending the Clintons, however he was aware that Cohen was becoming exceedingly unhappy with Trump. Davis said:

    “Like most of America, I have been following the matter regarding Michael Cohen with great interest. As an attorney, I have talked to Michael many times in the last two weeks. Then I read his words published on July 2, and I recognized his sincerity. Michael Cohen deserves to tell his side of the story ― subject, of course, to the advice of counsel.”

    Earlier this month, Cohen shocked everyone when he said he would “put family and country first” in the federal investigation, a statement that signaled he was no longer pledging loyalty to Trump.

    Trump was already in trouble with Cohen’s newfound spine and “screw Trump” attitude, but now that Cohen is working with the Clintons’ former lawyer, Trump might as well consider his time in the White House over. Cohen is sending a strong message that he is going to cooperate and flip, and there’s nothing Trump can do to stop him.

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