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  • POTUS Finally Wins At Something As New Recording-Breaking Poll Is Released

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    For a guy who absolutely needs to win all the time, Donald Trump has a pretty poor track record. In fact, despite his made-up anecdote at a Montana rally about everyone being “so tired of winning,” Trump actually hasn’t won much at all. But all that has changed now.

    Trump has finally won big, breaking a historic record — by earning himself the lowest first quarter approval rating in the history of polling! Gallup reported:

    It’s quite a shock to see how far Trump is trailing behind the other former presidents. What will make Trump truly furious is how far he lags behind his predecessor, former President Barack Obama — the man that Trump just LOVES to criticize and trash every chance he gets.

    The crazy thing is that Trump’s approval rating is only going to continue to tank. The first 100 days are considered to be a sort of “honeymoon period” in which a POTUS enjoys being popular. As Trump’s presidency continues, the resentment for him will only grow. Trump would practically have to pull off a miracle to even break even with the second least popular president, Bill Clinton.

    This is somewhat comforting, as it proves that all hope in America is not lost. While we might have an absolute moron in the White House, the American people’s eyes are open and the resistance to this imposter is strong. We can only expect that the country (and the world) will continue to reject Trump and his policies.

    The only thing that Trump has truly won is the title of the biggest loser. The man who bragged constantly about himself, his ability to win, and how he was going to “Make America Great Again” has succeeded only by making himself the least popular “politician” in the history of the United States. SAD!

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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