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  • BREAKING: Trump Admin Just Met With Federal Judge Regarding Immigration, Admit They’ve Lost Children

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    Last month, a federal judge in California gave the Trump administration 30 days to reunite parents and children who were subjected to the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. This policy allowed officials to remove children who traveled with recent migrants as a tool to intimidate future migrants.

    Immigrant communities and activists celebrated the judge’s ruling while bracing for the long, bureaucratic process of connecting parent to child. Some of these children have been displaced and located as far from the southern border as New York City.

    Details Of The Judge’s June Ruling

    Federal Judge Dana Sabraw enacted very clear deadlines: The Trump administration has been allocated ten days to make sure that all children and parents are able to contact each other. The administration has 15 days to reunite children who are under the age of 5, with their parents. Finally, the judge demanded that the zero-tolerance policy is essentially reversed, ordering that all children are reunited with their families within 30 days.

    We are almost reaching that deadline and the Trump administration has just told a federal judge that it will not meet the deadline. According to sources, Trump is only going to reunite about half of the families. Twenty percent of the parents are lost in the system and are not trackable.

    A Humanitarian and Logistical Nightmare

    Many of these children were subjected to physical and sexual abuse from officials, with some being unreported, while some are being prosecuted. It’s hard to bring up accurate numbers since many victims are pressured to stay quiet.

    Not only that, but the Trump administration argued against the 15-day timeline for reunification. The Department of Health and Human Services note that it can take more than two months for the reunification process to complete.

    Judge Sabraw said that the United States government tracks property better than it tracks these migrant children — and this is a sad but a valid statement.

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