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  • The Woman Who Trolled Pruitt Into Resigning Just Went After Trump

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    Kristin Mink, the Maryland schoolteacher and mom who was brave enough to confront government’s biggest grifter, Scott Pruitt, at a D.C. area restaurant on Monday, was perhaps even more thrilled than the rest of America to see that the EPA Administrator abruptly resigned today, with the president accepting the resignation just in the last couple of hours.

    The video of Mink standing with her child in her arms at Pruitt’s tableside at Teaism, a restaurant known for its atmosphere of civil debate, depicts a woman who calmly asked basically the political version of a comic book supervillain to simply resign, as she recited a laundry list of his offenses against ethics, decency, and the American taxpayers.

    But there’s no way she could possibly have expected that Pruitt would indeed resign within the week.

    It’s not altogether unsurprising, given that Pruitt is horrible with confrontation, and has used “avoiding liberal activists” as a reason to upgrade his air travel to first class on a number of occasions.

    But Pruitt was able to hang on all of this time, even after records showed ethical violation after violation, many times pushing the envelope of even legality, and managed to never budge an inch from his political positions at the EPA, all the while maintaining the support of Trump, who was seemingly unfazed by Pruitt’s growing reputation as the scum that grows on the surface of the swamp Trump promised to drain a year and a half ago.

    Now Mink is offering her “services” to another Republican rat: The president himself.

    Shortly after news broke that Pruitt had left the EPA shaking his fist in the air at “The Left” that forced him out of his position, Mink tweeted a special message for Donald Trump:

    Wouldn’t it be fabulous to see a school teacher telling off the racist, sexist, xenophobic president, just like she did ol’ Scotty Pruitt?

    If I were her, however, I might not hold my breath for a response.

    Featured image via screen capture