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  • Michael Avenatti Doubles Down On 2020 Run, Trump Running Scared After Watching This Interview (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump hates a lot of people in America, and he tries to hide his fears behind his childish Twitter attacks. If there’s one person that the president is intimidated by more than Former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, it’s Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti. And after what happened on CNN yesterday, Trump has no reason to be giddy about a potential second term.

    Avenatti has been a massive issue for Trump and his team as he aggressively defends Daniels against the lies of the president. He’s about to be an even bigger thorn in Trump’s side, as the attorney recently announced he might run in 2020 for the sole purpose of taking out Trump. On CNN yesterday, Avenatti doubled down, causing Trump to have a pretty awful 4th of July. Speaking to host Jim Sciutto, Avenatti defended why he’s qualified to run:

    “I think I’d be qualified, because I have three things that the President lacks, Jim. Brains, heart, and courage. And I think I have those in spades compared to this President, and I am deeply disturbed at the direction this country has taken.”

    Avenatti also trashed Trump for having a “lack of compassion” for the thousands of children who have been taken from their parents.

    Scuitto pointed out that Avenatti didn’t have the political experience of other candidates, as if that somehow mattered in the era of Trump. Avenatti fired back “all of the experience in the world isn’t going to be worth anything if you can’t beat this guy.” Avenatti warned:

    “If he is re-elected this country is in a world of hurt, in a very very bad place.”

    You can watch Avenatti rip Trump apart in the video below:

    That interview will terrify Trump, but so will Avenatti’s Twitter activity. Just check out his last few tweets:

    Avenatti has been passionately defending the progress and values of pre-Trump America, and people are loving it. This guy could be a real threat to Trump, and the president knows it.

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