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  • BREAKING: Trump Narrows Down His SCOTUS Nominees, Top Three Emerge

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    A source inside the White House told NBC News on Thursday that Donald Trump has narrowed down his picks for a justice to replace retiring Supreme Court swing vote Anthony Kennedy, and the shortlist has three names on it: Brett Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge and Amy Coney Barrett, all of whom are currently appeals court judges — notoriously the most partisan of places from which to select a Supreme Court nominee, since courts of appeals are routinely populated by judges for whom Congressional scrutiny is much lighter.

    Many believe that Barrett, a 46-year-old former law clerk for the last extreme conservative on the high court, Antonin Scalia, is widely considered the front-runner, although for ironically different reasons than one might think. Barrett is a woman and would be the youngest ever to serve on the high court, which Trump would feel is an indicator of his open-mindedness and equality; she is also easily the most conservative of the three judges who have made it to the final round of what’s now viewed essentially as Celebrity SCOTUS.

    More nefariously, some contend that Barrett’s appearance would make the decision for Trump, who has always measured a woman’s worth by whether or not he thinks she’s attractive. Coupled with the recent video that resurfaced of Trump discussing the need to “punish” women for getting abortions, and it’s not hard to imagine Trump seeking out a pretty woman he thinks will smile while she helps strike down Roe v. Wade.

    No matter who Trump goes with, it will be quite a fight to get them confirmed. The notion that a president who is the subject of two criminal investigations could possibly have the right to select a Supreme Court justice who gets a lifetime appointment to the court, especially considering the hypocritical Republicans prevented Obama from appointing the man who should have occupied Neil Gorsuch’s seat on the court, Merrick Garland, simply for being “too near to the end of his presidency.”

    Check back with us; Trump is expected to announce his final pick on Monday.

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