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  • Michael Cohen Makes Stunning Anti-Trump Move On Twitter, Trump In Shock (IMAGES)

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    Donald Trump should be very, VERY concerned about what has been going on inside the mind of his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen lately.

    There have been multiple reports that Cohen is going to flip on Trump after years and years of being Trump’s “fixer.” It appears that the relationship between Cohen and the president has definitely taken a turn for the worse over the last several months, with Cohen stating just this week that his family and the country come first when it comes to cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

    It seems as though Cohen is taking his life without Trump to the next level now by making it Twitter official. Cohen just made a major change to his Twitter profile, where he used to brag that he was the “Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump” in his bio. But today, @MichaelCohen212 looks much different — and it should terrify Trump:

    People are going nuts over this, wondering just what it might mean for the president and the ongoing investigations. Writer Lauren Burke commented about Cohen’s new social media edit on CNN and said:

    “It looks like he’s moving closer and closer to the guy that might flip.”

    I could not agree more. According to ABC News, Cohen is already getting ready to put a stop to his legal defense coordination with Trump’s team. That could be a major development in the president’s investigation if Cohen is preparing to work with federal authorities.

    Cohen is no longer the man that will take a bullet for Trump, as the president continues to shun him and move his attorney out of his inner circle. Cohen doesn’t want to be Trump’s fall guy and risk everything to protect the ungrateful POTUS any longer. We always knew that Trump’s own team would be his downfall — looks like it’s finally happening.

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