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  • Trump’s Shady EPA Chief Is Left Speechless After He Gets Shamed At Restaurant (VIDEO)

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    One of the saddest parts of the rise of Donald Trump has definitely been the fact that having a bigot in charge of the nation creates a sense of acceptability for other bigots to do and say whatever they want — and not just bigots, either. The entire Republican Party has, of late, been unapologetic about the fact that they intend to act like rapists toward the American people for the duration of Trump’s time in office.

    That seems like a harsh comparison, but in reality, it’s exactly that: The frat bro at the party doesn’t see a girl passed out from too many beers and think “Wow, she really wants me.” He takes what he wants because he can — because he’s a rapist. The same can be said of Trump and the GOP. They all know, 100 percent of them, that America doesn’t actually want any of what is being done, aside from the tiny minority that still supports their agenda. They are carrying out their plans because right now they can and nobody can stop them.

    The only impediment — and it appears to be a big one for them — to simply smiling obliviously and ignoring the will of America is when ordinary citizens assert their right to tell them off.

    Now we have a video of an ordinary citizen doing just that, to possibly the worst offender in the Trump administration aside from the Golden Boy himself: Scott Pruitt. The cruel and hateful EPA Director is the latest criminal in the Trump administration to suffer the fate that neo-Nazi Stephen Miller and lying shrew Sarah Huckabee Sanders were subjected to — public berating for being such a monumental pile of human garbage.

    As a matter of fact, this was less like Sanders and more like what happened with Kirstjen Nielsen during her attempt to ironically dine at a Mexican restaurant at the height of the Trump child-snatching crisis she spearheaded. Pruitt was (likewise ironically) dining at Teaism Penn Quarter, an establishment just ten blocks from the White House, known for hosting discussions of reason and logic as people enjoy their meal.

    Millennial Kristin Mink, a mother of a two-year-old and a teacher at Sidwell Academy, appears from her Facebook page to be pretty active in politics and activism. So much so, in fact, that although I can only assume that most Americans wouldn’t even recognize the dumpy, squinting EPA chief out in public, she was ready with a litany of offenses he’d committed, and a simple request for the Oklahoma politician: RESIGN.

    We could recap the lousy things Pruitt’s done while in office at the agency, but we’d rather let you just watch Kristin do it:

    Folks. FOLKS. We could all be doing this, you know.

    Featured image via Wikimedia Commons