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    If there was even an inkling of doubt in your head about what was going to happen when Michael Cohen finally sits down for that long deposition with Robert Mueller, let’s go ahead and clear it up right now — because this photo of Cohen and a certain flaxen-haired real estate tycoon sitting at a table full of Kremlin-connected Russians in 2013 is going to have Trump’s trembling toady flipping faster than the 1988 Soviet gymnastics team.

    Back in January of 2017, Cohen sat for an interview with Yahoo! News that would put “the internet is forever” to the test — he swore up and down, left and right that he had zero connections to Russia or the Kremlin and that he very definitely was not any kind of go-between for Trump and the Russians in any situation.

    It was this interview in particular that got Mueller looking closely at Cohen’s travel history, since it was here that he claimed he had never been to Prague, where it had been alleged that he’d met with Russians to facilitate God-knows-what during the Trump campaign. In fact, he claimed that his passport stamps “proved” that he’d never been there, forgetting entirely that the Czech Republic is part of the Eurozone, in which you may freely move around without a passport in many situations.

    But it was his additional denial of ever having been to Russia that stuck in some people’s craw — why throw that in there unless you’re a little too determined to make sure nobody thinks you’ve ever even looked at a matryoshka doll?

    “I’ve never been to Prague or Czechoslovakia — the Czech Republic. The allegations are baseless. It’s merely fake news being put out by the liberal media to malign Mr. Trump and to distract from tomorrow’s press event [the first post-inauguration presser for the new president]. And I’ve never been to Russia either.”

    But that just doesn’t hold up to photographic evidence, and this picture of Trump and Cohen sitting with Aras and Emin Agalarov, the father-son Russian power brokers behind the Crocus Group and Trump’s main connections to the Kremlin and Russian government — taken from a social media account belonging to Yulya Alferova, the chief adviser to the Russian Economic Development Minister — provides that evidence in spades:

    The thing is, we all knew Trump was there — this was all during the time that he was finalizing the Miss Universe competition to be held in Moscow, on the very trip that Trump claimed he didn’t even stay overnight in the country.

    But the protestations of Michael Cohen will prove to be his undoing. They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but Cohen squeaked a little too loud, and now he’s about to get greased by the special counsel prosecutors — or do a little greasing of his own, to his former boss.

    Featured image via Getty Images/Composite