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  • Lifelong Republican Has Had Enough Of Trump, Now Running For Senate As A Democrat

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    The Republican party calls itself the representative of “family culture” in America, though its hypocritical leaders are nothing of the sort. The worst of examples is Donald Trump who married three times, cheated on his wives, went full creeper on his daughter, is accused of sexually assaulting multiple women — and none of that even touches on his blatant racism which, as much as it may dismay the GOP, is not a family value.

    Unfortunately, he banks on the conservative evangelical vote. Other than the president’s un-Christian behavior, his impulsive tweets and general stupidity in front of the media have tarnished the reputation of the GOP which he represents. Trump will be remembered as the most notorious troll any country ever had as its president.

    While many Republicans are still siding with the fool king for their personal interests no matter how much they hate the job, a lot of them have decided that they cannot take it anymore and are speaking up against their leader publicly.

    One of the latest rebels against Trump is Richard Painter who was the White House chief ethics counsel in George W. Bush’s government.

    Painter, who has been Republican all his life, has finally given up on the president and left the party to run as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate seat which has been recently vacated by Al Franken.

    Chauncey DeVega from Salon recently interviewed the former Republican and their conversation explains it all. Some of the key points of their conversation:

    • Painter said Trump admires dictators and this is obvious from his recent affection towards Kim Jong-un. He is inclined towards Putin, while other American leaders have been very cautious towards Russia. As per the former Republican, “Trump’s loyalty towards Putin is clear.”
    • Painter agrees that James Comey “gave him cover and helped him steal the White House.”
    • As for the Mueller investigation, the newly-declared Democrat believes that the investigators would certainly come out with something that could help impeach Trump. However, that is still no good as the country would be stuck with Mike Pence.
    • Painter strongly criticized Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan for siding with Trump out of self-interest while sidelining what’s best for the country.
    • One of his confessions as a former Republican was, “The Republican Party is losing well-educated voters. The party isn’t doing well in traditional Republican circles but they are doing well with groups of people who would have been George Wallace supporters or the like.” We all have to agree with him.
    • He called Fox News a right-wing propaganda machine terming it as “Fox Fiction Channel.”
    • Painter said that Trump is corrupt and the only real argument he has to justify himself is “Look at Clinton!” Unfortunately, his supporters agree with him.
    • The former Republican does not blame the corrupting of the Republican party’s conservative values on Trump completely. He argued that this has been a long process that started somewhere during Nixon’s era.

    Painter’s message to American voters who still support Trump is, “Listen to the way that Trump is talking like a dictator. You can bet he would do it, and you are you going to be in a boatload of trouble.”

    This interview would clearly push down Trump’s approval rating because everything this former Republican said makes a lot of sense. We hope Trump’s voters recognize the fact and kick him out in the next elections unless he is impeached before that.

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