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  • Dutch Prime Minister Just Cut Trump Off During Press Conference; The Look On Trump’s Face Is Priceless

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    Donald Trump has been used to being treated exactly one way his entire life — with deference. Trump expects that people will simply agree with anything he says, and when they don’t, he reacts in unpredictable ways with often disastrous results. More often than not, however, he’s just made to look like a moron.

    Case in point, Trump sat down in the Oval Office today to meet with Dutch President-Minister Mark Rutte to discuss trade agreements between the two nations, and started in with his usual overly-assertive garbage. Presumably, Trump was riding high on having introduced his “FART Act” legislation that he thinks will solve all of America’s trade issues — though literally everyone agrees that it would be DOA in either chamber of Congress, getting essentially zero support from either party.

    But misplaced bravado is rather the hallmark of Trump’s life, isn’t it? An ugly man inside and out who got his start with gifted money from his father, who’s declared bankruptcy so many times and lost so many lawsuits it’s mind-boggling to know he thinks he’s a handsome, self-made man that does nothing but win.

    And unfortunately, that’s how Donald Trump’s supporters see him as well.

    But PM Rutte didn’t come to America today to compliment Trump on his (clearly new) hairdo — he came to take care of business. So when Trump tried to tell the assembled press that it wouldn’t matter whether or not America and the Netherlands actually came to a trade agreement that it would “still be positive,” Rutte wasn’t having it.

    TRUMP: If we do work it out it will be positive, and if we don’t, it’ll be positive also, because–

    RUTTE: No.

    TRUMP: We just think about those cars that pour in here…

    RUTTE: It’s not positive. We have to work something out.

    TRUMP: It’ll be, it’ll be… positive.

    He didn’t just correct him mid-sentence — Rutte did it with a laugh and a smile on his face. He made Trump look like a complete idiot, although we can’t say Donnie needed much help. All that was necessary was for someone to speak to him the way grown-ups talk.

    Watch the exchange here:

    Featured image via screen capture