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  • Americans Celebrate ‘Canada Day’ With A Major ‘F*ck You’ To Trump, This Is Brilliant (IMAGES)

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    We hardly need any more proof of how fed up and upset Americans are over having Donald Trump as their president, but judging by the reactions that came out of Canada Day yesterday, let’s just say that Trump’s presidency could not be more loathed.

    Canadians are often teased about their polite ways and tendency to always say “sorry,” but on Canada Day it was Americans who were apologizing to their friends in the north! Americans celebrated the Canadian holiday by saying “sorry” for one thing in particular: Trump.

    As Trump has picked a ridiculous trade war with Canada and forced Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to respond with new tariffs, many Americans took to Twitter to insist that Trump was alone in his attitudes and that once he was out of office, things would go back to normal. Here are some of the best messages left on social media for Canada Day:

    And as the 4th of July is right around the corner for Americans, I’m sure most of us can relate to this tweet:

    These reactions signal that the majority of Americans no longer feel at home in their country. The United States has become a place that is unrecognizable for so many of us as Trump rolls back years of progress and his twisted, corrupt administration literally pulls families apart.

    It’s hard to believe that this is where we’re at as a country, especially after the leaps and bounds America made under the leadership of President Barack Obama. Once a global leader, America is now apologizing for the behavior of a former reality television star who happened to con himself into an election win and is now hell-bent on destroying everything he can get his greedy orange hands on. Let’s hope that we can pick up the pieces after Trump gets kicked out.

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