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  • Trump Seething Over Order To End Family Separations, True Feelings Seen Behind Closed Doors (DETAILS)

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    When Donald Trump ended his disgustingly inhumane zero tolerance policy on family separations at the southern border, it was clear to most Americans that Trump was only doing this because he was getting so much backlash from both sides of the political table. Nearly everyone knew that if Trump wasn’t under so much pressure to do something to save his own ass, he probably would have chosen to make his policies even more heartless and continued blaming the Democrats for it.

    While Trump has tried to keep appearances up in public and pretend that he is more than happy to keep migrant families together, a statement Trump made behind the scenes tells a very different story. According to the New York Times, Trump has privately stated that he regrets signing the executive order.

    Under Trump’s new order, Trump has decided that families will still be detained at the border, but they will be detained together so that he can avoid all the criticism about separating children from their parents. However, Trump has just realized that there is an issue with this policy — thanks to a 1997 consent decree, there is a 20-day limit on how long children can remain in immigration detention centers. The Times reports that Trump has been lamenting that he isn’t a dictator who can just create his own immigration policies without being checked.

    This couldn’t have been more apparent than on Sunday, when Trump announced that immigrants should be deported without due process. Trump tweeted:

    “When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases [sic], bring them back from where they came.”

    This disregard for due process is a total violation of the Constitution, as it would strip any individual (even American citizens) the right to prove they are legal citizens. Trump’s continuous love of unchecked power continues to be a danger to all, but especially those who are more vulnerable. The fact that he seems to regret not being able to hurt immigrants is extremely disturbing and is a major red flag for future cruelty and bigotry.

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    Patti Colli

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