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  • Paul Ryan Runs Into One Of His Favorite Actors, What Happens Next Is Perfection (VIDEO)

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    One of America’s favorite comic actors, Seth Rogen, has an appeal that nearly transcends politics, approaching the kind of popularity that most actors only ever dream about. In fact, Seth is a favorite of a lot of other famous people, including some politicians that you might not expect to be fans of a dude primarily known for making movies about weed.

    Last night, Seth Rogen appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and talked about just such an experience with a big fan of his, Paul Ryan. In what can only be described as a movie-like sequence, Seth explained that not only did he get a phone call and invitation from Mitt Romney to a fundraiser — which is already strange enough — once he was there, he found himself surrounded by, well, mostly Republicans.

    But Seth has a charity for Alzheimer’s Disease, and Mitt’s invitation gave him the opportunity to come and speak about Hilarity For Charity, the foundation he founded with his wife Lauren after her mother was diagnosed with the horrible disease a little more than a decade ago. That’s a worthy cause, and worth hanging out with some Republicans to promote.

    When Seth was approached by a couple of “young, white, teenage” kids, however, who told him that their dad was a huge fan and wanted to meet him, he was perhaps still in that frame of mind — this is all for a good cause — until he saw that their dad was the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. The Wisconsin Representative, like any fanboy when meeting their favorite actor, immediately asked Rogen if he could take a selfie with him.

    That’s when things when way south for Paul Ryan. Watch the clip here:

    Not only did Rogen turn Paul Ryan’s request down, he told him exactly what he thought of his politics and WHY he didn’t want to be seen with him in a photo.

    This is how it’s done — forget swallowing your pride and being nice, we need to stand up for our principles.

    Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images