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  • Trump’s DHS Secretary Forced To Leave High End Restaurant After Activists Perfectly Shamed Her (VIDEO)

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    Last night, as thousands of migrant children finally passed out from crying in horror at being torn away from the only adults they know and trust in their lives — essentially every child’s worst fear in the world — the woman charged with enacting the policy of torture that has sparked outrage across America decided to go out for a nice meal.

    In fact, it seems like Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was hungry for some irony, because she selected, of all places, a Mexican restaurant to dine at in Washington, D.C.

    Unfortunately for her, she didn’t get to enjoy chef Todd English’s world-famous Camarones al Ajillo Tacos with a side of cilantro pesto brussels sprouts at the white-guy-owned MXDC, a “cocina Mexicana” on 14th Avenue across from the National Bank of Washington. Instead, she was served a massive protest courtesy of the D.C. chapter of DSA, the Democratic Socialists of America.

    “SHAME,” they shouted at her as they surrounded her table. “If kids can’t eat in peace, YOU can’t eat in peace,” chanted the socialist workers who gathered for justice.

    Many Americans still seem to be confused as to why all of the anger is being directed at Nielsen, AG Jeff Sessions, and Donald Trump, if in fact the family separations are the result of a longstanding law. The Secretary herself testified in support of what was widely acknowledged as a NEW policy of the Trump administration, despite the fact that Nielsen just told reporters at a press briefing that there was no such policy.

    Back in May, before the reality of these horrors had made it to the news, the Trump administration was willing to admit that the decision to separate families was being used as a deterrent:

    Now that Americans are rightfully disgusted by the policy of terror against children, Nielsen pretends that there is no policy, but she hasn’t bothered to direct her staff to remove the press releases from the DHS website that clearly say that this is 100 percent a Trump administration decision, having nothing whatsoever to do with Democrats or 60 votes or legislation — just a Trump decision to do this.

    He could stop tomorrow. Tacos might never taste the same again to anyone in this administration. But this is what it looks like when we make our voices heard:

    Featured image via Wikimedia Commons