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  • BREAKING: Trump Makes Major Decision On Family Separation, Set To Sign Executive Order

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    Donald Trump was still lying on Twitter this morning about whose fault the inhumane and horrific policy of separating children from their parents at the border was, reiterating over and over that in order for the treatment that many consider to be torture to stop, Democrats would have to craft legislation that put a permanent legal stop to it.

    But even as he was honing his skills as the Liar in Chief, his DHS Secretary was drafting a document that would solve the problem all by itself — and do it without legislation.

    According to CBS News Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is drafting an executive order for Trump to sign that would end the policy of separating children from families, proving that it was ALWAYS something the president could have put a stop to at any time. Instead, he was so busy trying to convince Americans that Democrats were to blame for a new policy that he himself implemented just six weeks ago that now thousands of kids have already been possibly lost to the system forever.

    Many of these children will never see their families again, and today we are learning that Trump, should he sign the order being drafted by his DHS Secretary, is simply admitting that it could have stopped as soon as they realized how horrible what they were doing was.

    They never realized that, though. They’ve been harassed into changing the policy.

    Don’t get us wrong — we’ll take a policy change no matter what the reason. But remember who did this to begin with.

    This story is breaking and will be updated as necessary.

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