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  • Woman Yells ‘F*ck You’ To Trump As He Arrives At Capitol, Becomes National Hero (VIDEO)

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    On Tuesday, as Donald Trump made his way through the Capitol rotunda on his way to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office, a “heckler” had a special greeting for him, presumably on behalf of almost everyone in the world besides his disgusting sycophant supporters.

    Just seconds before Trump entered the hall, a woman that turned out to be a congressional intern took advantage of the complete silence and near solemnity of the Capitol building to shout out,

    “Mr. President, FUCK YOU!”

    Now, we’d all like to say it to him, but there in Washington D.C., in the heart of our democracy, inside the building where our laws reside, hearing it echo through the passageway under the Capitol dome is a moment that will go down in history. I like to imagine that the speaker took a look skyward at the giant mural on the ceiling, The Apotheosis of Washington, and was simply overcome by the gravity of this moment in America.

    As Donald Trump turns everything we love about America on its ear, it’s important that we remember we have this same voice.

    We may not be there to say it to him in person — and make no mistake, he entered the frame so soon after it was shouted that it’s unthinkable that he didn’t hear it — but we CAN say it, and in a myriad of ways.

    First on the agenda is to make our voices heard and put an end to the horrific atrocities being committed by ICE at our southern border, where children continue to be yanked from their parents’ arms to be taken god knows where, possibly never to be reunited with their mothers and fathers, their brothers and sisters.

    But we’re not that far from November, and that’s where we can do the most good. If voters cripple Trump’s ability to pass racist legislation and appoint new white supremacist judges, if we saddle him with a Congress that doesn’t allow him to carry out his vision of America, maybe we will feel the kind of satisfaction the woman in the rotunda today felt as she told him exactly what we’re all thinking.

    Featured image via Andrew Burton/Getty Images