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  • BREAKING: Roger Stone Just Admitted To Meeting With Russian To Take Down Clinton (DETAILS)

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    In the battle to continue covering up the conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, there’s a common theme, and really it shouldn’t surprise any of us: Deny, deny, deny, until there’s proof — and then say there was nothing wrong with what they were denying to begin with.

    At every step of the way, the public has slowly been made aware of illegal, unethical, corrupt conduct by the members of Team Trump, with an information evolution that seems to go from “wild accusation” to “plausible scenario” and from theory to fact at whatever pace the administration thinks will benefit them the most.

    But so much of the story still centers of players who are no longer in the game — Paul Manafort just went to jail, Michael Cohen is going to be arrested any minute now, Mike Flynn got fired, Carter Page was dumped as toxic baggage — that it becomes difficult to track what we knew and what we didn’t know along the Trump-Russia timeline. What we know for certain, however, is that in the beginning, Tema Trump said “we had no contact with the Russians,” and that turned out to be laughably false.

    We’re laughing again (although maybe just to keep from crying): Former adviser Roger Stone, that douchebag who’s best friends with the WikiLeaks traitor/rapist, claims he just “remembered” about contact that he made with YET ANOTHER Russian official. According to his suddenly-resurgent memory — which, amazingly, was sparked by the fact that investigators found text message proof of the contact — he was offered dirt on Hillary Clinton by a Russian in exchange for two million smackeroos.

    All of this is in Washington Post report out today, in which Stone describes the exchange that took place in Florida. Unfortunately for the Trump defense, they can’t even distance themselves from Stone the way they have attempted to with Manafort and Flynn and Papadopoulos and any of the other “witches” this hunt has turned up. Stone’s meeting with the Russian was set up — and there’s proof — by Trump campaign communications official Michael Caputo.

    The text revealed in the Post:

    This all looks like a whole lot more prison time to me.

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