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  • Paul Ryan Breaks With Trump On Immigration, GOP Panicking

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    Speaker Paul Ryan said in a recent conference that he opposes undocumented migrant children being torn away from their parents at the border, publicly urging Congress to fix the problem via legislation.

    However, this may be too little, too late. His condemnation was lackadaisical — when a reporter invoked religion, with Christian leaders condemning what’s happening at the border, Ryan looked off into the distance and meekly said that “we don’t want kids being separated from their parents, I just made it really clear.” The leader of Ryan’s own Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has strongly denounced the anti-immigrant, anti-refugee policies of the American GOP.

    It is reported that more than 1358 children have been ripped away from their families at the Southern border, a cruel practice that has now become a mainstay in the Trump administration. This type of “zero-tolerance” is extreme and has been lambasted as intentional infliction of trauma on children, with the United Nations noting that the practice is a violation of the rights of children.

    Paul Ryan Isn’t Blaming The Trump Administration

    Instead of laying the blame on Trump’s feet, he decided to blame the courts for the separation of immigrant families. Ryan, in a roundabout way, defends Trump by saying that the reason this is happening is due to a court ruling. That is patently false — Trump’s own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, announced the policy at the beginning of May, and it never had anything to do with a court ruling.

    Let’s be clear: The practice of detaining immigrants is not new, nor is keeping children in specific places new. But the practice of detaining even refugees and those legally seeking asylum and then snatching away their children as punishment for illegal or even legal entry is 100 percent the doing of Donald Trump and his administration.

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that they didn’t have any discussions about any supposed legislation to help halt this barbaric practice. However, she railed against Ryan and his administration:

    “This is barbaric. This is not what America is. But this is the policy of the Trump administration … It has to stop.”

    The Republicans Are Being Sneaky

    There is, however, a new piece of GOP immigration legislation that includes language to call on immigrant children at the border not be separated from their guardians. At face value, this may seem like a win; but when you dig into the details, it becomes a bit more insidious.

    The proposal calls for a “clarification” of the 1997 ruling that establishes minimum standards for detention of minors. If this piece of legislation passes, it nullifies aspects of this 1997 settlement; then the Trump administration can detain immigrants at detention centers — indefinitely.

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