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  • BREAKING: Pentagon Makes Major Announcement About North Korea Military Drills (DETAILS)

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    Most of the country is still anxiously waiting to see what will come out of Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un, especially since the president was so overly confident and unguarded after the meeting, ready to put all his trust in Kim.

    A major announcement has just been made and shows that efforts from the meeting are being acted upon. According to a Pentagon official, the U.S. Military will be suspending all major military exercises on the Korean Peninsula — a suggestion Trump had made in a press conference after his meeting with Kim, the idea for which appears to have come from Vladimir Putin himself. The Pentagon will be making a formal announcement on this development in the near future, but already any field drills by air, naval and special operations are being removed from the schedule.

    Earlier this week, Trump’s comments about ceasing military exercises had chalked them up to “war games.” While Trump has continuously expressed that he trusts Kim (despite there not being a clear plan for denuclearization in place), many have spoken out against this move and stated that cutting back military exercises would be a major concession to North Korea. South Korea president Moon Jae-in was also stunned by the suggestion to stop defensive military exercises and has already released a statement saying he wanted to clarify the “intent” of Trump’s suggestion.

    Whether good or bad, Trump is moving things forward after his meeting with Kim. The two leaders have signed an executive agreement — however, there is no clear framework for how to proceed on denuclearization. It seems as though Trump is flying by the seat of his pants once again, and just hoping that he can take Kim for his word. Let’s hope the world isn’t forced to regret it.

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