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  • BREAKING: Inspector General Report Finally Out, Backfires On Trump Spectacularly

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    It seems that a significant portion of the Trump presidency has been spent waiting for vindication that never comes. Whether it’s a House Intelligence Report that Trump thinks could exonerate him, or testimony from a witness before the Senate that he thinks will take some pressure off him, or simply wishing history would hurry up and record him as the hero he thinks he is, Donald Trump is full of ideas about what is going to happen surrounding his presidency, and he’s been almost universally wrong about everything he’s hoped for.

    The latest case in point is the report from the Inspector General of the FBI, General Michael Horowitz. The IG’s office is a non-partisan “watchdog” agency within the agency that serves to investigate the behavior and proceedings that happen inside the FBI, much like a police precinct has an Internal Affairs department.

    And if I may make a subjective point: Trump seems like just the kind of guy who would root for Internal Affairs when he watches cop shows.

    Trump actually specifically requested an investigation, in fact, BACK into the affairs of Hillary Clinton, as though she hadn’t already endured years of Benghazi trials and depositions and sworn statements and probably more scrutiny than any presidential candidate has ever faced during the totality of their career, while they were running or not.

    Be that as it may, Trump was hoping for a very specific result from this report — a finding that the FBI had improperly favored Hillary Clinton during their investigation of her use of private email servers. Unfortunately for Team Trump, that is not the result they got at all.

    Bloomberg News obtained the report on Thursday, and while the investigation did conclude that proper protocols were not followed, it also conclusively says that mistakes that were made were non-partisan in nature — an aspect that was key to Trump’s argument that everything being done inside the FBI was being done to hurt his campaign.

    His logic is like this: If he could prove that the FBI was biased against him in a partisan way during the campaign, then he can cast legitimate doubt on any corollary investigations they were doing at the time that involved him in any way as being a partisan witch hunt, much like he has attempted to frame the discussion around Robert Mueller’s special counsel proceedings. If the FBI were proved to be politically biased against him, then the Steele Dossier would be discredited, the initial looks into his connections to Russia leading up to the election would have been unfounded, and Mueller, therefore, should never have been appointed.

    In fact, Donald Trump Jr was on Fox and Friends just this morning, admitting that his father intended to use the report to discredit witnesses in the Mueller probe:

    That’s not what Trump got out of the investigation he demanded from the Inspector General.

    And in a clear sign that Republicans are pissed about it, three Trump-supporting members of Congress have already sent a letter to the IG’s office demanding to know whether the report was “watered down” before it was released.

    In other words, Trump is about to lose his shit because his OWN witch hunt didn’t come up with any witches.

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