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  • Kellyanne Conway Mumbles Like An Idiot After Fox News Hosts Ask About Trump’s Relationship With Allies

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    Donald Trump went fully on offense when it comes to our Canadian allies, calling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “dishonest” and “weak.”

    In the past 24 hours, Trump yanked the USA’s endorsement on a Group of Seven economic agreement, then went on a Twitter attack against Trudeau. His actions further isolated the USA from international affairs and deepened the divide between the United States and its allies. Trump’s disdain and lack of cooperation did not go unnoticed by our European partners; several of our European friends expressed resignation at Trump’s ability to defy diplomatic norms. Instead, Trump is more focused on blowing up key trade relationship that has been strong for years.

    The G7 summit took place in Quebec, hosting several industry leaders to compromise on economic aspirations. When Trudeau took questions from reporters, he reiterated the fact that Trump’s tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum imports were objectionable. Trudeau’s comments triggered Trump, who then sent two of his attack dogs onto Sunday morning talk shows to protect his fragile ego, including his chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who many suspected was completely drunk on stage with Jake Tapper during CNN’s State Of The Union.

    One of the aides somehow connected the conference to the Singapore summit between Trump and Kim Jong-Un, and another one said that there is a “special place in hell” for Trudeau — a type of language that the Trump administration rarely used even with our adversaries.

    Kellyanne Conway’s Epic Flop

    White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway dodged several inquiries by the press when she was asked how Trump was going to repair USA-Canadian relations after this spat.

    As expected, she tried to pull at our heartstrings by saying that Trump is trying to protect American workers and farmers. In reality, U.S farmers may be hit the hardest by Trump’s aggressive trade actions.

    Watch her flailing non-explanation here:

    Featured image via screen capture