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  • BREAKING: Trump’s Reason For Banning The Eagles From The WH Has Nothing To Do With Kneeling

    Donald Trump, Police Brutality, Politics, Racism

    Everyone seemed to know that Donald Trump would somehow politicize the Super Bowl celebration at the White House — except maybe fans of the championship-winning Philadelphia Eagles. But nobody knew what angle the Crybaby in Chief would take.

    When the announcement came out late last night that the team had been “uninvited” to the ceremony, many took it in stride, but for some, the reasoning that Trump gave in the official statement was unsatisfactory — he claimed it was because players “disagreed” with him over the anthem, and because he “insisted” that they “proudly stand … hand on heart,” when in reality, the reasoning is much simpler than that: Trump was FURIOUS that only a handful of players wanted to be anywhere near him.

    Fox News is working overtime today to try and advance the president’s narrative, showing still pictures of the players praying before, during, and after games in an effort to paint them as the same “disrespectful” players that the right has been trying to make America hate since Kaepernick first began protesting against police brutality in the way that Seahawks long snapper and former Green Beret Nate Boyer told him to — by kneeling.

    But the truth is, not a single player on the Super Bowl-winning Eagles squad took a knee all season last year. Not one.

    In fact, the Eagles’ superstar defensive end Chris Long called out the right-wing media outlet for practically being State Television:

    No, the truth is that, according to an ESPN report, a source told the sports reporting center that five or fewer players had committed to going to the White House ceremony. Now that’s embarrassing for the president — hardly anyone on the team wants to be seen anywhere near him. He basically said “you can’t fire me, I QUIT” to a handful of guys.

    Even more embarrassingly for Trump, the players who didn’t want to go in the first place are now invited to the nation’s capital by a friendlier face — Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, who promised something probably a lot more fun for the players than some boring photo-op with an orange racist anyway:

    Well done, Senator Casey, and well done Philadelphia Eagles. You’ve successfully exposed what a small, petty man Donald Trump is, and how he screwed over even the fans who agree with him because he was so butthurt that nobody wanted to come worship him at the White House.

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