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  • Michael Cohen’s Leaked Emails Tied To ‘Taxi King’ Scandal; More Subpoenas Underway

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    It didn’t surprise many when news broke that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen used his Trump Organization email to conduct his taxi business. This revelation has become more legally significant after his former medallion manager, Evgeny Freidman, agreed to work with federal prosecutors as part of a plea deal, according to several reports. Cohen’s taxi dealings were part of records seized by federal investigators after they raided his home and office.

    As reported by Forward, David Shapiro — a financial crimes expert and former FBI forensics investigator — said that Cohen’s use of the “trumporg.com” address makes it much harder for him to argue he was only acting in a legal capacity for the company. Shapiro also mentioned that it potentially exposes other members of the Trump Organization to federal investigations if Freidman testifies against Cohen.

    Reports also indicate that Cohen used his Trump Organization email address to conduct business with New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission since at least 2009. That could mean that if Cohen did anything illegal or shady that involved both his taxi business and his work for President Donald Trump, it might be hard for either of them to maintain that Trump had no prior knowledge of it.

    The Freidman plea and email revelations also make Cohen’s taxi business a more central part of federal investigations into his and Trump’s business dealings — especially if prosecutors are able to persuade Freidman to testify.

    Special Counselor Robert Mueller can use this information to his advantage. Investigators could use the emails as evidence to demand more communications from Cohen, which in turn would lead to more risk for Trump. We can expect more subpoenas to be issued by the special counsel in the upcoming weeks.

    It seems as though there was never any level of misdeed that Trump’s longtime “fixer” Michael Cohen was beneath involving himself in. Now his greed is back, and it looks a lot like karma.

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