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  • Kellyanne Conway Just Went Off In ‘S*xting’ Rant, This Is Her Most Inappropriate Comment To Date (VIDEO)

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    Veteran Trump defender and White House advisor Kellyanne Conway has had her fair share of making outlandish comments on national television, but early this morning she managed to top all of her performances over the last year.

    In an appearance on Fox & Friends, Conway was asked about her thoughts on the recent revelations of texts between FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, who were also romantically linked to each other. Fox host Ainsley Earhardt questioned Conway about the uncovered text messages between them, which also included a message in which Page told Strzok that then-President Barack Obama had wanted to be notified about their investigations.

    In her response, Conway couldn’t help herself and resorted to making an immature, inappropriate joke on national television — clearly taking a tip from her childish boss. Conway said:

    “It is very concerning to see two people s*xting each other about this investigation — I mean texting each other about this investigation, on and on.”

    A statement like this SHOULD be below the White House — but then again, this is Trump’s White House now, and common decency no longer exists. There have not yet been any reports that the messages between Page and Strzok contained sexual material, so it’s possible that Conway just leaked new information before the word could get out. Or, it’s also probable that Conway, who was on her way to the National Prayer Breakfast, needed to get some dirty thoughts off her mind before heading to the event. Either way, hearing this from a White House advisor is definitely a new low in the Trump presidency, and signals that Trump’s influence is spreading.

    You can watch Kellyanne Conway blurt out this shocking statement below:

    Long gone are the days when the White House was a respectable place.

    Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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