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  • Kellyanne Conway Just Accidentally Told Trump To Testify Under Oath On Live TV

    Donald Trump, Russia

    It looks like Donald Trump‘s number one propaganda specialist, Kellyanne Conway, just made a colossal mistake on live TV, after she accidentally made the argument that her boss should speak with Special Counsel Robert Mueller under oath.

    On Sunday, Conway was on Fox and Friends Sunday, which is one of the coziest and most comfortable settings on TV for Trump and his supporters. She began by spending several minutes promoting the administration’s talking points regarding House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes’ FISA memo. Everything was going smoothly until the Trump mouthpiece hit a speed bump when she was asked about the prospect of the Democratic House Intelligence rebuttal to the memo being released.

    “I support that as well,” Conway told host Pete Hegseth. “In other words, if the Schiff memo comes forward, then go ahead.”

    That’s when Conway tripped up and made the perfect argument as to why Trump needs to testify under oath, explaining to Hegseth,“We’re for transparency, but look, you can’t argue this not under oath, through the cable TV wars, and that’s what’s happening.”

    “People are going on saying things that are simply not true, hoping they will come true,” she added, in a statement that could easily be applied to Trump himself and his fantasy that the memo “vindicates” him.

    Since the beginning, even before the start of the Mueller investigation Trump and his sycophants have done their best to derail any attempt at getting to the bottom of how Russia interfered in the presidential election, labeling any reports on the subject as “fake news.” And now their latest attempt, the FISA memo, which was supposed to “blow up” Mueller’s investigation, has only done more damage to Trump and his Republican cohorts. The memo has already been discredited and has made Conservatives the butt of endless jokes.

    Recently, Trump has managed to flip-flop back and forth between agreeing to speak with Mueller under oath and declining to do so. However, after Conway’s admission, the Trump administration will have a difficult time spinning their other narrative on cable news. If Trump were a real president, he’d proudly hold himself accountable and testify under oath, where the measurement of his honesty really counts. It seems that on a subconscious level, even Conway’s innate sense of right and wrong understands this as well. Now, Trump’s perfect puppet has to scrub that annoying defect out of her system, before it grows into a conscience.

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Staff/Getty Images

    Joe Clark

    I'm originally from Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans; now living North Texas. I'm a reformed "South Park Conservative" who has grown passionate about progressive issues like social justice, education, criminal justice reform, gun control, ending the war on drugs, and economic inequality. I believe America's a stronger nation when we come together as one to find a solution and humble ourselves enough to consider other points of view from our neighbors around the world. I don't believe in American exceptionalism, but I do believe America can only be an exceptional place as long as we can be brutally honest about its strengths and weaknesses.