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  • Bombshell Revelation About Kellyanne Conway’s Relationship With Trump Has Mueller On Alert

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    It looks like the biggest thorn in the side of Donald Trump and his campaign team in this whole Russia investigation isn’t the proof that he obstructed justice – as evidenced by him telling Lester Holt on live television that he fired James Comey for getting too close to the truth – or that his son, son-in-law, and top advisors all took a meeting with Russian lawyers right there in Trump Tower. Those are bad, for sure. But the most problematic part of all of this so far has been General Mike Flynn, the adviser who was fired by the Obama administration before they warned Team Trump not to hire him.

    What a mistake that hire turned out to be.

    And now that Flynn has been swept up by Robert Mueller in the special counsel investigation into Trump’s conspiracy with Russia to defraud American democracy, forced to plead guilty to lying to the FBI by the mountain of evidence against him, all eyes have been on who knew what, and when.

    It’s already been proven that Vice President Mike Pence knew Flynn was lying about his contact with the Russians — whether or not he knew exactly what Flynn had discussed with them is irrelevant. And it’s known that numerous other members of the Trump campaign, including Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, and KT McFarland, all conferred after finding out about Flynn’s Russian interactions.

    Anything they discussed, in fact, was a further violation of the Logan Act.

    But who else was there? Who else might Robert Mueller set his sights on once he’s run the rest of them through the wringer? Somebody still in the administration, preferably. Bannon, Spicer, and Priebus are gone, but there had to be at least one more person there. After all, the New York Times has already reported that McFarland circulated an email among six people on the transition team, but doesn’t name two of them. That email contained the details of the incoming administration’s response to Flynn’s activity in Russia.

    Well, who was named special counselor to Donald Trump just one week before that email was sent out? It was Kellyanne Conway.

    There is essentially zero chance that Conway is not one of the unnamed recipients of that email — making her just as complicit as the rest.

    And you thought she was just another pretty face on TV.

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images