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  • Trump’s Top Aide Just Lost It In Live Interview, Gets Kicked Off CNN (VIDEO)

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    Michael Wolff’s tell-all book, “Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House” has not only resulted in one of the biggest meltdowns of Donald Trump’s presidency, but it’s making the underserving POTUS’ entire team freak out as well.

    In a pathetic attempt to do damage control, Trump is sending out the most vile characters in his administration to try and clean up this mess. Unfortunately, they suck just as much as Trump does. Earlier today, White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller crashed and burned on CNN’s State of the Union and it was so bad that host Jake Tapper actually had to kick him off the show.

    The interview began on a relatively peaceful note, but it didn’t take long for Miller to begin lashing out at Tapper and CNN for its anti-Trump coverage of Wolff’s book. As Miller condemned CNN and Tapper for not predicting that Trump would win the election, Tapper fired back and said that Trump was probably “watching and he’s happy you said that.” This fact actually made Miller flip out and attack Tapper as he said,

    “Look, you can be as condescending as you want, it’s part of your M.O..”

    When Tapper asked why Miller was attacking him, the Trump minion justified it because CNN had “24 hours of negative anti-Trump hysterical coverage” and “spectacularly embarrassing false reporting.” Miller became increasingly agitated and begged Tapper to give him three minutes to tell America “the truth about the Donald Trump I know.”

    Tapper stood his ground and denied Miller those three minutes because “it’s my show and I don’t want to do that” – and that was the final straw that made Miller lose it. He shouted at Tapper, causing the CNN host to try to calm Miller like a baby. Tapper said, “Stephen, settle down, settle down. Calm down” and tried to change the subject to get Trump’s aide to behave like an adult. Unfortunately, Tapper couldn’t get Miller to behave, so he had to kick outraged Miller off the show. Cutting the interview short, Tapper said:

    “I get it. There’s one viewer that you care about right now and you’re being obsequious because you’re trying to please him. I’ve wasted enough of my viewers time.”

    You can watch Miller’s insane interview below:

    Featured image via Christopher Futlong / Getty Images

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