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  • Eminem TORE Trump Up At The BET Awards Last Night — Here’s How The World Responded

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    Has Eminem found an answer to the cognitive dissonance that plagues Trump supporters? Has he figured out a way to cut through the brainwashing and fog that has them unable to think on their own and determine that Trump is not right for America? Time will tell because Eminem forced them to play their hand last night with his new open-form rap video that was first seen on the BET Hip Hop Awards last night. Eminem issued his fans an ultimatum – ME or Trump. You can catch the video below if you haven’t seen it yet.

    We’re betting not many of his fans will choose the orange side. And those that do come out and denounce Eminem probably never even knew his name or listened to his music before.

    So far this morning Trump has tweeted four times about tax cuts and tax reform and once about how great it is (in his opinion) that Roger Goodell from the National Football League sold out his players and coaches in their fight against racial injustice. Goodell put out a statement yesterday basically telling his players that they have no First Amendment rights to protest. Trump got a woody. The rest of us are just shaking our heads and waiting for all those rich players to just walk off the field and quit being cow-towed by the bully in the White House.

    But no response to Eminem. Curious.

    Trump used to be a fan of Eminem — either that or he just did this video introduction to Slim Shady because he thought it would make him one of the cool kids:

    But that was a long time ago, and maybe Trump regrets that video now.

    Maybe Trump is all depressed today because no one likes him?

    LaBron James jumped in after Eminem’s video broadcast to quote some of the lyrics and give the performer a pat on the back:

    If you’re tracking retweet numbers, Palmer Reports spells it out with their tweet, “Eminem’s attack on Donald Trump has already gotten more retweets than anything Trump has tweeted all month.”

    Those retweets include the target of Trump’s NFL angst, Colin Kaepernick, who is also called out in the lyrics of the viral rap. Kaepernick’s message to Eminem was a simple one — “I appreciate you .”

    Ellen DeGeneres had a short and sweet message for the rap artist — “I ❤️ .”

    Ken Klippenstein, journalist and self-described Salvadoran-American anchor baby, is looking forward to the spelling errors on Trump’s response, “Trump’s spelling of “Eminem” tomorrow is gonna be hilarious” and popped a Twitter poll up for anyone that wants to participate in the voting:

    I think the world is eagerly awaiting Trump’s response. But at the same time I feel like no matter what he says it is going to disappoint us. Until then — FISTS UP for Colin!

    Watch the full video from BET:

    Featured image from Twitter