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  • NATO Allies Had A Closed Door Dinner With Trump; Called It A Complete Sh*t Show (DETAILS)

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    Americans are noticing more and more how Donald Trump is not fit to run America. In fact, one could say that he’s running t into the ground. After Donald Trump’s recent overseas trip visiting foreign leaders, other countries can now the mess he truly is.

    During Trump’s closed door dinner with NATO allies, Trump decided to veer away from his prepared remarks at the dinner and basically just free-styled his speech. According to politcus usa, it was described as a “shit show”. The President already does a bad job speaking publically in America, so just imagine him going off script. Oh, boy.

    According to Foreign Policy, Trump had two versions of the script prepared for him. One that was more traditional and one prepared by Nato-Skeptics on the team, Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon. He ditched it to talk about defense spending.

    Foreign Policy detailed the embarrassing moment,

    Several sources briefed extensively on the dinner say he said 2 percent wasn’t enough and allies should spend 3 percent of GDP on defense, and he even threatened to cut back U.S. defense spending and have Europeans dole out “back pay” to make up for their low defense spending if they didn’t pony up quickly enough. Two sources say Trump didn’t mention Russia once during the dinner.

    “Oh, it was like a total shitshow,” said one source, who spoke on condition of anonymity as they weren’t authorized to discuss the closed-door dinner.

    “The dinner was far worse than the speech,” said a former senior U.S. government official briefed on dinner. “It was a train wreck. It was awful.”

    Trump had one job only while he was overseas, and that was to represent America and solidify our realationships with foreign leaders. We should have known better that to expect him to hold it down. When will it be impeachment day?


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