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  • Trump Punishes NY Times Reporter For Writing A Story About Russia (DETAILS)

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    Fake news is all Donald Trump has to say when he wants to pick a fight with the media. The President has come after world renown media names like CNN and MSNBC. We all know he favors the right wing network that mostly kisses his ass defends the terrible things he does and is racist as hell, Fox News. Particular the show Fox and Friends.

    Well, so many news outlets have been covering the Trump-Russia scandal. Who isn’t? However, As reported by the NY Post, Friday during a joint news conference with Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, Trump singled out the New York Times. And they are usually well respected and at the front of every news conference.

    Not at this one though, Trump had them seated way in the back. How embarrassing.  Peter Baker, the Times’ chief White House Correspondent, found a placard with the publication’s name among the seats furthest away from President Trump. This comes just a day after James Comey, former FBI director fired by Trump, said that the Times published a story about the Trump administration communicating with Russia repeatedly before the election that was not true. Saying,

    “In the main, it was not true,”

    Now, the times did issue a statement Thursday saying they would look over any information that was wrong, but they wanted to also note,

    “neither the FBI, nor Mr. Comey would comment or elaborate on what Mr. Comey believes to be incorrect.”

    Trump was just clearly being a bully, but Times reporters are still going to write no matter where they are located at his press conferences. The story will still come out. Trump probably is afraid that the media is one step away from getting a truth out that will ultimately lead to his demise. Impeachment.