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  • Trump Just Broke A Major Promise He Made To Veterans; More Proof He Cannot Be Trusted

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    Close to four months into his presidency now, and Donald Trump has failed to stick to his promise of opening up a White House hotline for Veterans’ complaints.

    This idea emerged during Trump’s 10-point plan to help veterans unveiled last July, vowing that the hotline would speed up reforms at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Trump promised that the private hotline would be “devoted to answering veterans’ complaints of wrongdoing at the [Department of Veterans Affairs] and ensure no complaints fall through the cracks.”

    The hotline was to be “active 24 hours a day answered by a real person” The Hill reported. 

    “This could keep me very busy at night, folks,” Trump said during a July 26 rally.

    “This will take the place of Twitter.”

    As expected, White House officials said they have no updates on when or whether the hotline will be established. VA officials did not respond to requests seeking comment on the idea. The 10-point VA plan was recently removed from Trump’s campaign website along with a host of other documents from last summer and fall. According to Trump’s re-election campaign, the changes were made to help better inform the public with “fact-based information” on Trump’s accomplishments, in preparation for the 2020 campaign.

    The White House is delivering the same broken-record excuse to cover up the fact that Trump had no intention of reaching out to the men who fought for our country. The liar-in-chief is more concerned with his temper tantrums on Twitter and trolling celebrities than our Veterans, who willingly devoted their lives to keeping our nation safe and secure.



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