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  • Senior Trump Advisor Just Gave The Most CHILLING 17 Second Soundbite In American History (VIDEO)


    If you thought Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer were doing Donald Trump a disservice, well, you haven’t yet met his senior policy advisor Stephen Miller, who uttered the most chilling thing heard in at least my lifetime if not the lives of all Americans. According to Miller, there are literally no limits on what Trump can do.

    In an interview on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Miller, who has the dead eyes of Vladimir Putin, gave us a whole host of lies, including claims of voter fraud, where he claimed that “thousands of illegal voters were bussed from Massachusetts to New Hampshire.” He had zero evidence, though.

    Then, the subject turned to Trump’s Muslim ban:

    “A district judge in Seattle cannot force the president of the United States to change our laws and our Constitution because of their own personal views. The president has the power … to suspend the entry of aliens when it’s in the national interest.”

    Miller also appeared on Fox News and on Face the Nation on Sunday and his rhetoric was a bit more pointed and a lot more dictatorial (emphasis added):

    Miller insisted that Trump has the constitutional authority to ban the entry of certain foreigners, saying the actions represent “the very apex of presidential authority.”

    “I want to say something very clearly, and this is going to be very disappointing to the people protesting the president and the people in Congress, like [Senate Democratic Leader Charles E.] Schumer, who have attacked the president for his lawful and necessary action: The president’s powers here are beyond question,” Miller said on Fox News.

    Source: Washington Post

    On Face the Nation, Miller said something very similar and just as chilling:

    The end result of this, though, is that our opponents, the media, and the whole world will soon see, as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial, and will not be questioned.

    Source: Share Blue

    Here’s the video from Face the Nation:

    The Constitution of the United States begs to disagree. The Founding Fathers went to great lengths to give us three separate but equal branches of the government. Trump literally can’t, without extreme and illegal measures, take power into his own hands when the judiciary has clearly told him no.

    Miller’s boss, though, has no problem with the clear message that Trump is trying to serve as Dictator in Chief, not as President. He tweeted his full support to Miller:

    Are you convinced yet?

    Featured image via video screen capture.