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  • Trump’s Latest Retweet Shows He Knows NOTHING About Foreign Policy (TWEET)


    Listening to Donald Trump on foreign policy should scare everyone, American or not American, to their very core. He is absolutely inept to how things actually work, and electing Trump would not only be devastating for the nation, but for the entire world.

    His stance on foreign policy is this — he seems to want to be an isolationist dictator, and if people in other nations want our help, they should pay us for it.

    Does this idiot even realize that if it weren’t for France offering up their support during the Revolutionary War we wouldn’t even be a nation? We hold our relationships with our NATO allies very, very close to our hearts, because part of that alliance is the fact that they are there for us as well. Trying to diminish that relationship, to be blunt, is about the stupidest thing ever imaginable. Our relationships that we’ve built are what keep our entire world from falling to shit.

    More proof to my point that Trump is absolutely inept? He just retweet a conservative pundit saying this:

    “Barack is offended that [Donald Trump] will demand that NATO allies pay their fair share.”

    What the actual hell? Does he realize how dangerous and stupid he sounds? Probably not, since most of his other policy ideas sound like he wants to be an isolationist dictator.

    Another point that MUST be made is that his declaration of disdain for NATO plays right into Vladimir Putin’s hands. Putin wants a destabilized Europe so he can use it to his advantage.

    Whose side is Trump on?? Because it is CLEARLY not on the side of the American people and our closest allies.

    Trump simply CANNOT be president. He’s a threat to the entire world, including our closet allies, and those we rely on most in times of war.

    Featured Photo by John Moore/Getty Images